Raise profiles and manage reputations

Clients trust Kent Strategies to deliver thoughtful, comprehensive plans that align actions with words to generate the right kind of impact. We identify and orchestrate thought leadership, media, engagement, event, board and philanthropy strategies to help clients fortify their image and impact.  We will take substantive action to generate awareness and build a strong reputation that enhances their bottom line.

Cultivate connections

Kent Strategies can identify people and organizations that our clients need to know, and who, in turn, need to know our clients.  Kent Strategies will use their creativity to cultivate significant and sometimes surprising new stakeholder relationships to meet their objectives. Whether they need to reach opinion leaders, influencers or decision-makers, Kent Strategies can help. We can amplify advocacy work and ensure that our clients’ voice is being heard and their objectives are being met.

Realign brand and positioning

The top echelons of corporate and nonprofit organizations know that Kent Strategies will create and ensure their brand is integrated, consistent and demonstrates the right values to resonate with key audiences – whether in the boardroom, on Capitol Hill, Wall Street, or Main Street. Kent Strategies knows that even complicated issues need to be communicated in a straightforward, substantive way. Kent Strategies can help clients get more from their marketing and communications departments, by helping integrate varied communications, messaging and related tools for greater impact.

Build partnerships

Kent Strategies will identify and build vibrant, effective strategic partnerships and alliances that deliver results. For more than 25 years, Kent Strategies’ has cultivated relationships with people in all sectors and layers within Washington DC: both public and private.  Tapping the right networks can make or break a particular outcome, and Kent Strategies applies a balanced touch to this critical business approach.